Arrows to move

Space to shoot

'c' to launch action when the energy bar is full


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v-nair-windows-amd64.exe 5 MB
Version 5
v-nair-linux-raspberrypi.bin 5 MB
Version 5
v-nair-linux-amd64.bin 5 MB
Version 5 4 MB
Version 5


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NOOOOOOOooooooooo........ I was so close.....that time....

Really neat that you were able to make a shoot-em-up in DragonRuby! The pixel graphics for this are really impressive.  The controls were a little sticky - I had trouble moving left and right quickly enough to dodge the enemy bullets and I wasn't firing enough of my bullets quickly enough. The side panels on the C-menu were an interesting puzzle in their own right. 

I was quite impressed by the mini-games for the powerups. I've never had to work and earn a powerup in that way before. Usually it is just fill the bar or pick up the item. I thought it was a rather neat feature.